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For years businesses have struggled with providing a scalable mobile safety solution for employees and executives. Often, employee safety inside and outside of the traditional zone of employment involves large numbers of staff and increased man hours.


Executive protection poses additional challenges as travel surveillance is difficult to maintain and intrusive to the protectee. Many organisations and entities are spending millions of pounds to build internal smart systems capable of proving some pre-awareness information regarding callers as well as chat capabilities to a safety answering point. The centric issues with these technologies is that these systems are expensive to create, problematic to maintain, do not offer encrypted channels and protection of data is difficult.


SaferMobility is the premier corporate mobile safety, information sharing, and emergency notification system technology. Every organisation is under increasing security standards given recent intensified safety mandates and liability concerns.


Technology can be one of the greatest tools in meeting these new safety requirements. With the implementation of SaferMobility, a business is transformed to the peak level of safety, liability is decreased, and a substantial security cost saving is realised.


SaferMobility does not require any additional communicant hardware. Using the smart devices we all carry, users are transformed to the highest level of situational awareness and personal safety.


Pervasive Solutions is working exclusively with SaferMobility in the UK to bring this exciting technology to businesses, education, healthcare and more.





Through a direct communication application, SaferMobility technology provides the exact location of the individual in need of assistance or desiring to share live information with others. The system is adaptive to geographically recognise predefined areas of campus / environment control as well as unrestricted operation for all domestic and international travel.


Caller Profile


The system displays a vital description of the caller such as medical, contact, departmental, special needs, or any other data useful in making the determination of how to best respond.


Real Time Audio and VIDEO


Audio and Video are securely transmitted with the communication. The system allows the dispatch operator to see and hear exactly what the caller sees and hears. The communication is encrypted and nothing is stored on the calling device. All the data is stored on secure servers, which only the company has access.


Push to Responders


The system identifies potential responders or other personnel who might assist the caller. With a simple “drag and drop”, the dispatch user and push all this information to the responding party for direct viewing and communication in real time.


Prepositioned Assets


The technology allows the integration of existing security assets such as IP based cameras to allow multiple viewpoints of the situation. As the dispatch operator identifies the location of the caller, existing static cameras can be activated for multiple assessment views of the situation.


Database Query


SaferMobility has the ability query existing or dynamic databases to retrieve information beneficial to help in the response of the individual in crisis or needing to share live information.


Data Storage


All data is encrypted and recorded. Data storage costs associated with the technology is included in the cost to the end user. Only the customer has access to archived information and this data is available for immediate viewing by those with administrative access.


Chat Feature


The system allows for the caller to have a direct chat communication with the dispatch operator. This especially beneficial for those users who are hearing and speech impaired. The chat communication is primarily important in active shooter safety compliance or in situations where covert communication is needed.


Video Escort


The technology allows for a virtual walk with any users desiring another set of eyes and ears with the caller. Whereas employee or executive escorts would require another individual physically accompany a protectee, SaferMobility allows a virtual communication from start to finish locations.


Fingertip Timer Escort


SaferMobility can be placed into fingertip activation mode. By simply maintaining a touch of the device’s screen, communication is inactive. Should the situation warrant communication to dispatch, the caller simply removes his or her finger, an audible alarm is activated, and a SaferMobility call is placed.


Emergency Notification System


In addition to SaferMobility’s capabilities to retrieve dynamic information from individuals in crisis or needing share information, the system has comprehensive emergency notification capabilities to push notifications to all users instantly.





























SaferMobility is also an ideal application for Security and Police Forces wishing to deploy an effective wearable technology.


Please review the two documents for further information



SaferMobility is available as a service from Pervasive Solutions and is provided under licence from SaferMobility USA



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