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Our Services



Our services include the following key components:

Consultancy - Our team are experienced in IoT development and can talk you through a wide range of options to suit your requirements

LPWAN - This stands for Low Powered Wide Area Network - This type of network underpins many IoT deployments

Connectivity - There is a wide range of connectivity options to suit all deployments.  Your IoT deployment may required a number of options

Portal Design - We have our own in house designed portal which can be customised to suit, or we can design and build one specifically for you

Development - Our development team can work with you to ensure that the end result is exactly what you are looking for, from simple changes to full scale bespoke 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality (VR)

Analytics - Our analytics engine is based on scalable principles and can be tailored to deliver actionable results

Sensors - We have a range of sensors for each technology and can talk you through the best for your particular needs


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