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If you have an M2M requirement we can provide you with various data connectivity options including:


Open Roaming Multi-Network UK M2M 2G/3G Data SIMs - Our Multi-Network UK Data SIMs will allow usage across all four UK operators.  Our SIMs, unlike traditional UK 'Anynet' SIMs can be controlled by the device to overcome network steering if there is a stronger 3G signal available,


Tariffs - All on 24 Month contracts


10 MB - £3.55 per month

100 MB - £7.50 per month

250 MB - £10.00 per month

500 MB- £15.00 per month

1 GB - £27.50 per month


MB Tariff Overusage is charged at £0.40p per MB

GB Tariff Overusage is charged at £0.03p per MB


Higher tariffs are available on request


All UK Roaming SIMs can be supplied with a Fixed Public IP for £1.50 per month extra.


Data Aggregation is also available on request for specific projects.


All SIMs can be managed through our M2M and IoT Platform.


If you have a large project, we can bring together a team of professionals to assist (including team members from the actual mobile operators) and can ensure that your deployment is trouble free.


CONTACT US DIRECTLY NOW - SIMS can be with you within 1 - 2 days from order.


TEL: 0800 043 1992 



Fixed IP SIMs (3G & 4G) - Available with data plans from 2MB to 200GB+ per month across all four UK mobile Operators (including an all UK network SIM detailed above).  Public and Private IP addresses.  Delivered over Private APNs (Access Point Names) and managed on one of the most advanced Core Networks specifically designed for M2M and IoT.  SIMs are managed using a highly advanced SIM Management Portal which can, if required, be white labelled.


Public IP Addresses - Devices can be reached via a browser on any computer (we recommend a suitable firewall / security device as these addresses are visible to everyone).


Private IP Addresses - IP is not visible over the Internet, so very secure.  Connectivity via VPN or direct NNI into our network.



ADSL / FTTC - Available with low, medium and high usage tariffs, our ADSL / FTTC solutons are ideal for M2M applications where a fixed line connection is required.  Fixed Public and Private IPs are available.



M2M deployments are all different and each faces its own fresh challenges.  Our experience within this area spans many years, we are not a new start-up hoping to gather a few customer SIM connections, we are professional M2M specialists who understand the unique nature of large scale network design and roll-outs.


Our engineering teams are used to configuring and testing routers and are well versed in optimising the solutions to fit the exact requirements of our customers.





Please Note: All Prices on this website are Exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

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